Hitting for the Cycle (a novel)

Inspired by a True Story.
[Publisher TBD]


So this is what a miscarriage must feel like…

Ryan Linwood always wanted to have a baby with his wife; now, his only chance to father a child is through another woman. After five years of childless marriage, Ryan and his wife, Megan are dealt a shocking blow that forces them to reconsider whether or not they will ever become parents. What follows in their quest to have a child is a journey that rises to the emotional heights of love, devotion, and hope, and plunges to the depths of disappointment, heartache, loss, and even the risk of the dissolution of the very human relationships that make the faintest glimmers of hope shine in the darkest moments. A comforting nurse, a party-animal coworker, a loyal dog, and the Philadelphia Phillies join Ryan and Megan for the ride as they explore the idea of kinship apart from blood.

Excerpt #1
Excerpt #2
Excerpt #3
Excerpt #4

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