The (Un)official ‘Hitting for the Cycle’ Soundtrack

headphonesWhen I first began writing Hitting for the Cycle, it was under very different circumstances. It had a different title, and I was writing it as a screenplay, not a novel. I wrote two pages of screenplay and realized I had much more story to tell than I could capture in a film’s script. So, I decided to start with the novel. Now that it’s done, however, I can’t help but fantasize about what the book might look like translated to the big screen. As such, I’ve been toying with what I would consider the film’s soundtrack…not that I would have ANY control over something like that. But this is how writers think. Cart before the horse. While writing, I almost always listened to music, and these are the songs that resonated the most with the material in my book. One of the songs, I wrote myself. I present to you the (un)official Hitting for the Cycle soundtrack!

“Goin’ Back to Philadelphia” – Bobby Burnett
“No Longer” – Leesha Harvey
“Hope Deferred” – Justin McRoberts
“February Stars” – Foo Fighters
“Turn Me On” – Norah Jones
“Write You a Song” – Plain White T’s
“Farewell and Goodnight” – The Smashing Pumpkins
“Round and Round” – Aerosmith
“Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin
“Ten Thousand Angels” – Derek Webb
“Nice ‘N Easy” – Frank Sinatra
“I’ll Follow You” – Shinedown
“Here’s to Us” – Halestorm
“Little Girl, Little Boy” – Alan Atchison

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