About Me

aa-websiteI was born in Queens, NY on October 18, 1980. I arrived two weeks late, which might explain my desire to stay inside when it’s chilly out. When I was four, my family relocated to the Philadelphia area. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my very first book about a boy named Jack who fell in the toilet every morning (full manuscript available upon request—ok, not really).

I am currently a contributing writer for Adoption.com. From 2013-15, I was a writer for The Rogue, hosted by the renowned blog site, Patheos. I have a passion for storytelling and have completed two novels for which I am currently pursuing publication.

I have a Masters of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Communications from Arcadia University. By day, I serve as Senior Publications Editor at Penn’s Center for the Advanced Study of India. I am half-Indian too (most people don’t believe this until they actually meet my mom).

I live in the city of Philadelphia with my wife, two daughters, and a crazy dog. You can find me reading a book on my roof deck, sipping Scotch on my patio, or faithfully freaking out for the Phillies (no matter how bad they are).

Please feel free to contact me!


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