About Me

aa-websiteHi, I’m Alan. I was born in Queens, NY on October 18, 1980. I arrived two weeks late, which might explain my desire to stay inside when it’s chilly out. When I was four, my family relocated to the Philadelphia area. Shortly thereafter, I wrote my very first book about a boy named Jack who fell in the toilet every morning (full manuscript available upon request—ok, not really).

I am currently a contributing writer for Adoption.com. From 2013-15, I was a writer for The Rogue, hosted by the renowned blog site, Patheos. I have a passion for storytelling and have completed two novels for which I am currently pursuing publication.

I have a Masters of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Communications from Arcadia University. By day, I serve as Senior Publications Editor at Penn’s Center for the Advanced Study of India. I am half-Indian too (most people don’t believe this until they actually meet my mom).

I live in the city of Philadelphia with my wife, two daughters, and a guinea pig named Rhys. You can find me reading a book on my roof deck, sipping Scotch on my patio, or faithfully freaking out for the Phillies (no matter how good or bad they are).

Please feel free to contact me!


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