Alan Atchison
(YA Contemporary)

Seventeen-year-old Julia Whitford depends on her favorite Beatles songs to transport her away from the cacophony of her father beating her mother each night—now she’s pregnant by a man she believed was her father’s opposite.

“Living is easy with eyes closed,” or so the legendary tune goes.

Escape from the terrors of home life seems impossible to Julia until her boyfriend Cameron suggests fleeing with him from the Philly suburbs to New York City—abandoning not just her tattered mom, but also her distressed best friend Melody, and her dream of getting into veterinary school. But even though Julia’s relieved “she’s leaving home,” a whole new, volatile Cameron awaits in the Big Apple. And running away again won’t be so easy.

Carrying her abuser’s baby, Julia dreads the thought of teen parenting and seeing her child face her own upbringing—unless she can find the strength and courage to make one of two excruciating choices: end the pregnancy (as Melody, herself, did the year before) or surrender the child through adoption (to a family who can provide the home she never had). That is, if Cameron doesn’t get to her first.

There will be an answer…let it be.

Alan Atchison
(Literary Fiction)

Ryan Linwood always wanted to have a baby with his wife; now his only chance to father a child is through another woman.

For everyone else, having a kid seems to be a quick and simple plan-and-execute. Little does Ryan know that when his wife, Megan, surprises him with a positive pregnancy test, their gut-wrenching journey to parenthood has just begun. A false positive. A cancer scare. Medications. Repeated follow-ups. And of course, the many, many pregnancy announcements by family and friends. Maybe, Ryan wonders, the only child they’ll ever end up raising is their faithful dog, Bailey.

That is, until Louise shows up, filling Megan’s head with fantasies about adopting from some teen they’ve never even met.

Finding themselves eight months “pregnant,” Ryan and Megan are ready to welcome home their first child…until everything goes horribly wrong.

So this is what a miscarriage must feel like…


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